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Poster Papers

High riverine transport of particulate organic carbon in New Zealand: potential significance of soil erosion to carbon accounting
Author: Durelle T. Scott1,2, W.T. Baisden1,3, Nick J. Preston1,5, Noel A. Trustrum1,4, R. Davies-Colley6, Ross A. Woods7, D. Murray Hicks7, Basil Gomez8, Michael J. Page1, Kevin Tate1

Validation of the equivalent mass approach to estimate C changes under different tillage systems
Author: Patricia M. Fraser, Michael H. Beare, Denis Curtin and Richard N. Gillespie

Effects of brown coal derived materials on pH and electrical conductivity of an acidic vineyard soil
Author: Albert U. Imbufe1,3, Antonio F. Patti1,2, Aravind Surapaneni3, Roy Jackson1 and J. Angus Webb4

Impact of tree clearing on soil respiration and soil microbial biomass in pasture systems of central Queensland, Australia
Author: Kamaljit K. Sangha1, Kerry Walsh1, Rajesh K. Jalota2 and David J. Midmore1

Variation in soil carbon in pine plantations and implications for monitoring soil carbon stocks in relation to land-use change and forest site management in New Zealand
Author: G.R. Oliver, P.N. Beets, Loretta Garrett, Stephen Pearce, Mark Kimberley, J.B. Ford-Robertson and K.A. Robertson

Testing the representativeness of soil carbon data held in databases underpinning the New Zealand Soil Carbon Monitoring System
Author: Hugh Wilde1, Murray Davis2, Kevin Tate3 and David J. Giltrap4

Using paired plots to verify soil carbon change associated with land-use change as predicted from historical soil inventory
Author: Murray Davis1, Hugh Wilde2 and Kevin Tate3

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