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Oral Papers

Significant bomb 14C enrichment in deep soil: a previously unrecognized decadal C pool?
Author: W.T. Baisden1,2 and Roger L Parfitt1

Quantification of biologically significant pools of organic matter in Mallee soils and their inclusion in models of soil C and N dynamics
Author: J.A. Baldock1, J.O. Skjemstad1 and G. Richards2

Estimating the size of Australia’s soil carbon sinks
Author: M.M. Barson1, K. Malafant2, J.O. Skjemstad3, S. Royle1, L.J. Janik, L.R. Spouncer3 and Richard H. Merry3

Dynamics and environmental significance of dissolved organic matter in soil
Author: Nanthi S. Bolan1, Domy C. Adriano2 and Marķa de-la-Luz3

Estimating NPP and impacts of climate change on sandy soils in Australia using a soil carbon model calibrated to measurements of soil carbon, nitrogen and carbon isotopes
Author: John Carter1,2, Jonathan Wynn 3,2 and Michael Bird 3,2

Modelled soil carbon changes after reforestation
Author: Miko U.F. Kirschbaum

The change of soil carbon stocks and fine root dynamics after land use change from native pasture to pine plantation.
Author: LanBin Guo1,2, Michael J. Halliday1, 2, Bruce C. Robertson1, 2 and Roger M. Gifford1,2

Soil Carbon and Nutrient Pools in Three Adjacent Forest Ecosystems
Author: Zhihong Xu, Sally Ward, Chengrong Chen, Tim Blumfield and Nina Prasolova

Soil carbon and soil nitrogen changes after clearing of mulga vegetation
Author: Ben Harms, Ram Dalal and Weijin Wang

Organic matter in microaggregates - potential for carbon sequestration
Author: J.K. Horton1, Kaye M. Spark2 and Roger S. Swift2

An Equilibrium Analysis of the CENTURY Soil Organic Matter Model
Author: Alister Metherell

The effects of salinity and sodicity on soil carbon turnover
Author: Vanessa N.L. Wong1, Richard S.B. Greene1, Brian Murphy2 and Ram Dalal3

Soil carbon densities in the cropping areas of NSW with emphasis on the Red Soils of the Western Wheatbelt
Author: Brian Murphy1, Andrew Rawson2, Frank Valzano3, Loren Ravenscroft4 and Madeleine Rankin1

Calibration of the RothC model to turnover of soil carbon under eucalypts and pines
Author: Keryn Paul and Phil Polglase

Managing the microbial community for soil carbon management
Author: Charles W. Rice1, Paul M. White1, Karina P. Fabrizzi1 and Gail W. T. Wilson2

Nature of the association of organic carbon with soil microaggregates.
Author: Kaye M. Spark and Roger S. Swift.

Soil carbon changes and uncertainties with New Zealand land-use change
Author: Kevin Tate1, R.H. Wilde1, David J. Giltrap2, W.T. Baisden1, Surinder Saggar1, Noel A. Trustrum1 and N.A. Scott3

Organic Matter Transformation Catalysed by Clays: Model Reactions for Carbon Sequestration in Soils
Author: Katrina J. Booth, 1 Antonio F. Patti,1,2 Janet L. Scott1 and Philip J. Wallis1

Long-term carbon mitigation potential of no-till, nitrogen application and stubble retention practices in a subtropical cereal cropping system
Author: W.J. Wang and R.C. Dalal

The influence of developing forest ecosystems to the carbon balance in the soil.
Author: L.V. Mukhortova

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