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SuperSoil 2004 Awards

The following awards were presented at the SuperSoil 2004 Dinner Cruise on the evening of Thursday 9 December.

  • SuperSoil Most Meritorious Oral Presentation
    (Sponsored by Australian Journal of Soil Research)
  • SuperSoil Most Meritorious Poster Presentation
    (Sponsored by CSIRO Publishing)
  • ASSSI Conference Presentation, Poster
  • ASSSI Conference Presentation, Oral
  • NZSSS Best Student Poster
    (T.W. Walker prize)
  • NZSSS Best Student Paper
    (T.W. Walker prize)
  • J.A. Taylor, OBE, Gold Medal for excellence in soil science research and its communication.
  • M.L. Leamy Award
  • L.C. Blakemore Award
  • NZSSS Fellowship to an NZSSS member living in Australia.

ASSSI Awards

The Australian Society for Soil Science Inc. held its AGM on Tuesday 7 December from 17:45 in the Eastern Avenue Auditorium. The following awards were presented:

  • J.A. Prescott Medal for outstanding contributions to soil science.
  • Australian Society of Soil Science Incorporated Publication Medal
  • C.G. Stephens Award for the best PhD thesis

NZSSS Awards

The following New Zealand Society of Soil Science awards were presented at its AGM held prior to the conference in New Zealand.

  • NZSSS Fellowships to members living in NZ
  • Life Memberships
  • Summit-Quinphos bursary
  • Morice Fieldes memorial award for PhD thesis
  • Sir Theodore Rigg award for masterate thesis

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