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Wheat breeding for the Western Region

Barclay, I.R. Dr; Ph: (08) 9368 3504; Fax: (08) 9479 2840;

McLean, R. Dr; Ph: (08) 9368 3504; Fax: (08) 9479 2840

Research organisation: Agriculture Western Australia, 3 Baron Hay Court, South Perth WA 6151

Sponsor: GRDC, Grains Research and Development Corporation


1. To develop and commercialise new, high yielding, well adapted wheat varieties for the Western Region that are suitable for the ASW, APW, noodles, Australian hard and Australian soft grades;

2. To carry out selection for resistance to the main diseases encountered in Western Australia;

3. To produce varieties of varying maturity to suit the growing environment and provide flexibility in sowing time;

4. To develop appropriate varieties as specific market requirements are identified.


1. Breeding for medium and high rainfall regions with special emphasis on disease resistance and longer season wheats.

2. Breeding for medium and low rainfall areas with special emphasis on short season wheat, drought tolerance and aluminium tolerance.

3. Breeding soft wheats for soft wheat area.

Progress: breeding programs are continuing

Period: starting date 1965-07; completion date 2001-06

Status: ongoing

Keywords: wheat breeding, drought tolerance

Publications: No details available

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