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Transfer of drought tolerance from Triticum tauschii to wheat

Nicolas, M.E. Dr; Ph: (03) 9344 5034; Fax: (03) 9344 5570;

Halloran, G.M. Dr; Ph: (03) 9344 7128; Fax: (03) 9334 5570;

Research organisation: University of Melbourne, Department of Agriculture, Parkville Vic 3052

Sponsor: GRDC-W, Grains Research and Development Corporation - Wheat Committee


1. To conduct detailed studies of drought tolerance and its components in Triticum tauschii and wheat (tetraploid and hexaploid);

2. To evaluate accessions of T. tauschii for superior levels of drought tolerance than in wheat;

3. To transfer components of drought tolerance from T. tauschii to wheat and determine the genetic control of these components in T. tauschii.

Methodology: Screening techniques at the seedling and early vegetative stages are being developed for components of drought tolerance, particularly osmotic adjustment and rapid root growth. Screening at these early stages will be assessed against screening at the reproductive stage. Once contrasting lines have been selected, genetic and physiological studies will be developed on T. tauschii and synthetic hexaploids to determine the genetic control of component traits of drought tolerance in wheat.

Progress: A new screening technique for drought tolerance, in which plants are grown to the 3 leaf stage, then stressed by witholding water. Leaf expansion and plant transpiration are measured during stress and are expressed relative to a well watered control.

Period: starting date 1991-01; completion date 1994-12

Status: completed.

Keywords: wheat breeding, drought tolerance

Publications: No details available


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