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Navy bean breeding and varietal evaluation

Redden, R.J.; Ph: (07) 4661 2944; Fax: (07) 4661 5257;

Research organisation: Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Farming Systems Institute, MS 508, via Warwick Qld 4370


1. Breeding activity will aim to incorporate improved water use efficiency and improved nitrogen fixation into superior genetic backgrounds for either direct release or use as elite parents;

2. To develop three selection streams for respective irrigated, rainfed and short season agro-ecological requirements;

3. To raise the level of resistance to peanut mottle virus in the breeding program;

4. To incorporate genetic resistance to sclerotinia;

5. To initiate breeding for nitrogen fixation and for drought tolerance;

6. Continued emphasis will continue for yield, canning quality, tall, non lodging plant type suited to direct harvest, and resistances to rust and common bacterial blight;

7. Desirable new research initiatives include genetic resistances to major pests, Heliothis spp., Nezara spp., and thrips; and resistance to weather damage at harvest.

Methodology: A bulk pedigree breeding procedure is used, with a wide genetic base. Mass selection is conducted in early generations for disease resistance and erect plant habit. Following single plant selections in F4 and agronomic screening of F5 progeny rows, entries go into a sequence of preliminary, advanced and regional trials. In these the selection criteria include the above plus grain yield and canning quality.

Progress: Crosses have been made between germplasm parents selected for T,WUE, and HI . F3 progeny rows have been selected on these criteria and will be evaluated for selection progress in a 5 site multi- location yield trial in this 1998-99 summer.

Period: starting date 1996-07; completion date 1998-06

Status: completed

Keywords: Navy bean; plant breeding


 Wright, G.C. and Redden, R.J.(1997). Selection for improved drought tolerance in Phaseolus breeding programs. International Food Legume Conference, p. 111 (poster paper).

Wright, G. and Redden, R.(1998). A germplasm evaluation for improved drought resistance in Phasoelus vulgaris. Annual Report, Bean Improvement Cooperative 41, 5-6.


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