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More Efficient Breeding of Drought Resistant Peanuts in India and Australia

Wright, G.C. Dr; Ph: (07) 4160 0700; Fax: (07) 4162 3238;

Research organisation: Queensland Department of Primary Industries, Farming Systems Institute, PO Box 23, Kingaroy Qld 4610

Sponsor: ACIAR: Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research


1. To develop more efficient screens and selection methods for yield component traits through better physiological understanding, and giving special attention to the SPAD chlorophyll meter..

2. To make crosses involving parents identified for high W, T, HI, as well as combining them in the background of locally adapted varieties, then evaluate and validate the use of physiological selection traits to achieve superior yield performance in appropriate target environments in both Australia and India.

3. To make a quantitative assessment of the cost-benefit of using indirect selection methods compared to conventional yield selection approaches for the identification of drought resistant peanut cultivars.


The proposed project will practice 'indirect' and 'direct' selection on a number of segregating populations derived from crosses of elite drought resistant germplasm. It aims to implement and apply a new and novel physiological breeding approach in a large scale peanut breeding programs, to test whether indirect selection using the trait approach can improve the efficiency of selection and identification of drought resistant groundnut lines. As such the investigation will provide a unique pilot study for this approach, and involve breeders, physiologists and modellers in a truly collaborative research program.

Progress: The project had only recently commenced, but breeding populations are well advanced at 5 collaborating centres (4 in India and 1 in Australia (Kingaroy, Qld)). Selections will be made in the coming growing seasons (1998/9) in both India and Australia.

Period: starting date 1998-07; completion date 2001-07

Status: in progress

Keywords: peanuts; Arachis hypogaea; water use efficiency; selective breeding; selection; drought resistance; harvest index; transpiration; plant breeding

Publications: None as yet


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