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Comparative drought tolerance of tall and dwarf sunflowers

Connor, D.J. Prof; Ph: (03) 9344 5019; Fax: (03) 9344 4665;

Research organisation: University of Melbourne, Parkville Vic 3052

Collaborators: Comparative work on transpiration efficiency of sunflower cultivars is underway at the Research School of Biological Sciences ANU (Dr Farquhar). Field performance of sunflower in rainfed production in Queensland (Dr Hammer, Queensland DPI).

Sponsor: Oilseeds Research Council


To elucidate the relationship between stature, assimilate storage, yield and yield stability in the newly emerging dwarf sunflowers in comparison with earlier tall cultivars.


Pot and field experiments of the response of sunflower to transient stresses. Measurements of growth and yield and of the dynamics of labile carbon in the plant.


Transpiration of short hybrids before anthesis was less than that of taller hybrids. This was associated with their smaller interception of radiation.

Regulation of transpiration, irrespective of cultivar, depended upon timing of water shortage. Prior to anthesis the major effective was through reduced leaf expansion and after anthesis by a combination of stomatal response and leaf senescence.

Yield and radiation-use efficiency of dwarf hybrids was limited by their relative inability to set seed. This was identified by analyses of the partitioning of assimilate during grain filling. During this period dwarf cultivars have a smaller radiation-use efficiency than tall hybrids.

A simple two-parameter model of yield was developed that could explain yield response to biomass/transpiration and source sink relationships.

Period: starting date: 1988-07; completion date 1991-06

Status: terminated

Keywords: sunflower, drought stress, tall and dwarf hybrids


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