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Analysing Drought Strategies to Enhance Farm Financial Viability

Powell, R. Mr; Ph. (02) 6771 3833; Fax (02) 6771 3528;

Research Organisation: Centre for Agricultural & Regional Economics P/L, 215 Mann Street, Armidale, NSW 2350.

Collaborators: NSW Agriculture, WA Agriculture

Sponsors: LWRRDC, Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation; RIRDC, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation


1. To adapt existing whole-farm models to analyse the financial outcomes and risks associated with common drought preparedness strategies.

2. To apply these models to case study farms to generate guiding examples of the financial outcomes of drought strategies

3. To develop training and extension materials encapsulating the results for farmers and their advisers


Whole-farm models (RISKFARM, MUDAS) were modified to include a climate index and common drought preparedness responses (including the use of taxation instruments) across a range of NSW and WA farming systems. These models were prepared using information from farmer focus groups in each of the farming systems.

Model simulations were run to compare the financial effects of common strategies across a range of season types and to assess the impact on the farm financial risk profile.

Project results were extended via review sessions with farmer focus groups, publications and seminars/workshops held in regional areas.

Progress: Project complete, project monograph and individual regional reports published.

Period: starting date 1993-06; completion date 1995-06

Status: Complete

Keywords: Drought, risk, drought preparedness, taxation


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Various regional drought reports (available through NSW Agriculture, Locked Bag 21, Orange, NSW 2800).


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