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Management strategies to maximise opportunities for sustainable economic gain in chenopod shrublands

Atkins, D. Mr Ph: (08) 9081 3152; Fax: (08) 9041 1138;

Watson, I. Dr; Ph: (08) 9690 2128; Fax: (08) 9622 1902;

Holm, A. Mr; Ph: (08) 9389 8832; Fax: (08) 9389 8872;

Research organisation: Agriculture Western Australia, Locked Bag 4, Bentley Delivery Centre. WA 6983.

Sponsor: AWRAPO: Australian Wool Research and Promotion Organisation


1. To evaluate management strategies for chenopod shrublands to maximise profits in the long term and ensure sustainable production;

2. To develop decision rules and guidelines to assist pastoralists select and manage their optimum stocking strategy.


Data from an eleven year grazing study were used to compare grazing strategies along a level of risk continuum from conservative set stocking to active stock breeding. These strategies were assessed for shrublands where drought reserves are plentiful or scarce and for various sheep enterprises which include traditional ewe-wether flocks, predominantly ewe flocks and predominantly wether flocks. The environmental propriety of the economically driven outcomes were used to develop rules to assist pastoralists manage environmental and economic risk.

Progress: Final Report submitted.

Period: starting date 1994-10; completion date 1997-08

Status: completed

Keywords: economic modelling, sheep grazing, sheep enterprises, rangeland management


Atkins, D.C. (1998). Management strategies for chenopod shrublands. Final Report submitted to International Wool Secretariat.


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