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Strategic farm planning - by open learning

Walsh, B.P. Mr; Ph: (02) 4939 8810; Fax: (02) 4938 5549;

Research organisation: NSW Agriculture, CB Alexander Agricultural College, Tocal, Paterson NSW 2421

Sponsors: RIRDC, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation

Objective: To improve the rural sector's ability to achieve financial viability, sustainable production and self reliance in drought by identifying and analysing the needs for training in strategic farm planning.


1. Convene farmer groups to identify components of strategic planning.

2. Report the results in the form of learning outcomes.

3. Identify relevant strategic planning methodologies from other industries.

4. Publish curriculum guidelines on strategic planning.

Progress: Project completed and report presented to RIRDC

Period: starting date 1994-09; completed 1995

Status: completed

Keywords: planning for drought

Publications: Report to RIRDC.

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