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Australian farm families' experience of the drought in the 1990s: a sociological perspective

Lawrence, G. Professor; Ph. (07) 4930 9053; Fax (07) 4930 6756;

Research organisation: Rural Social and Economic Research Centre, Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Qld

Collaborators: Dr Daniela Stehlik, Rural Social and Economic Research Centre, Central Queensland University; Dr Ian Gray, Faculty of Arts, Charles Sturt University

Sponsors: RIRDC, Rural Industries Research and Development Corporation; LWRRDC, Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation.


1. To begin to understand the way in which drought is socially constructed and how such constructions influence on-farm drought strategies; and

2. To identify and analyse when and in what ways resource management strategies used by farm families were altered during the recently experienced drought.


This consisted of three components - interviews (structured and semi-structured) with 30 families in Central Queensland and 30 families in the Riverina, and with rural counsellors and drought officers; focus group discussions (four groups of approximately eight members) in both regions; and case studies (in-depth longitudinal appraisal of four farms within each region).


The Project was completed in December 1997. Among the findings of the study were: droughts brought about substantial economic and social hardship, in which families were the first 'line of defence'. Women, in particular, were expected to carry an additional burden during these times. While many producers were striving for self-reliance and were able to manage risk, the extent and duration of drought left them unable to fend without external support. It was found that community support was not always forthcoming and that drought policy had unintended consequences (such as threats to family cohesion). At times the agronomists and other 'experts' caused additional stress by failing to understand the ways social relations/management options had been altered in times of drought. Producers expressed cynicism about the reporting of drought by the media and did not welcome the view that they were 'helpless victims'. The social dislocation needs to be better understood by government if more integrated approaches to service delivery are to meet the needs of families during drought times.

Period: starting date January 1996-01; completion date 1997-12

Status: completed

Keywords: drought, farming, Australia, sociology, social construction, survey


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