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D. Forecasting and studying streamflow

 Comparative evaluation of environmental flow assessment techniques

Arthington, A.H. Prof; Ph: (07) 3875 7403; Fax: (07) 3875 7615;

Research organisation: Faculty of Environmental Sciences, Griffith University, Nathan Qld 4111

Sponsors: LWRRDC, Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation; National Landcare Program


1. To review currently used and available techniques for assessing environmental flow requirements, and propose a best practice framework for using these techniques;

2. To provide an overview of research and development priorities to further support agency and community environmental flow decisions.


Methods will include literature reviews, a survey of methods used by key water management agencies, and reviews of case studies. A best practice framework will be developed taking into account environmental values, flow regimes, appropriate suites of techniques, data requirements and quality, methods for making tradeoffs with consumptive uses, monitoring requirements, and integration into adaptive management and decision support tools.

Progress: The project has been completed and four reports are being published by the LWRRDC. Titles are given below under publications. 

Period: starting date 1996-12; completion date 1997-12

Status: completed

Keywords: Inland waterways; environmental protection; water management; water requirements; water flow; environmental flows


Arthington, A.H. ( in review). Recent approaches to assessing and providing environmental flows in Australia. Lakes and reservoirs: research and management.

Arthington, A.H. (1998). Comparative evaluation of environmental flow assessment techniques: Review of holistic methodologies. LWRRDC Occasional Paper 26/98 ISBN 0 642 26745 6

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Arthington, A.H. and Zalucki, J.M. (eds) (1998). Comparative evaluation of environmental flow assessment techniques: Review of methods. LWRRDC Occasional Paper 27/98 ISBN 0 642 2674 6


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