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Expediting the Use of Scientific Drought/ Seasonal Climate Forecasts by Queensland Rural Producers.

Hastings, P.A.; ph: (07) 3864 4723;

O'Sullivan, D.B.; ph: (07) 4160 0700;

Research organisation: Queensland University of Technology, School of Humanities, Beams Road, Carseldine 4034.

Collaborator: Queensland Department of Primary Industries (Kingaroy).

Sponsors: Queensland University of Technology, internal grant; Queensland Department of Primary Industries.


  • to record, via survey results, perceptions held by a sample of primary producers towards the prediction and predictability of seasonal climate; and
  • to benchmark, via survey results, primary producers' (ie a sample thereof) perceptions of El Niņo Southern Oscillation-based seasonal climate forecasting, and identify the factors affecting its adoption and effective use by this group.


A written questionnaire was distributed to a stratified sample of south-east Queensland primary producers in early 1997. The questionnaire used both open-ended and closed (scaled) response formats. A total of 337 returns were recorded, representing a return rate of 22 per cent. Data were analysed using descriptive statistical techniques.


Returns were coded, a database established, and basic descriptive statistics derived from the survey returns. Several key factors have emerged in regard to producers' perceptions of seasonal climate and of climate forecasting, the interpretation of which could assist in developing improved extension strategies. Analyses are ongoing, including comparisons to previous survey work conducted by the researchers.

Status: ongoing, although initially funded project completed.

Period: starting date 1996; 'core' survey-based project completed 1998

Keywords: seasonal climate forecasting; climate perception; agricultural extension;


Hastings, P.A. (1998). The Impacts of Seasonal Climate Forecasting on Primary Producers in Regional Queensland, 12th ANZ Climate Forum, Perth, W.A. November 1998.


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