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Survey of agricultural climate research, development and services in Australia

Tupper, G. Mr; ph: (02) 6391 3143; fax: (02) 6391 3767;

Mavi H.S. Dr; ph (02) 6391 3637; fax (02) 6369 3767;

White, D.H. Dr; ph: (02) 6254 5936; fax: (02) 6255 2455;

Research organisations:

NSW Agriculture, Locked Bag 21, Orange NSW 2800

ASIT Consulting, PO Box 328, Hawker ACT 2614


State Departments, CSIRO, Universities, consultants

Sponsor: LWRRDC, Land and Water Resources Research and Development Corporation


1. To provide a contemporary reference to Australia's research, development, education and extension activities in climate variability in relation to agriculture.

2. To produce an updated compendium on Climate variability and drought research in Australian Agriculture.

3. The outcome will enable NSW Agriculture to develop the most relevant activities for its needs in climate applications to agriculture, in relation to work carried out by other bodies.


1. NSW Agriculture will liaise with other appropriate agencies both within NSW, other States, Territories and the Commonwealth to form a small steering committee for the project and to develop terms of reference for the project.

2. NSW Agriculture will undertake a preliminary compilation of information already available through electronic databases, publications, strategic plans of organisations, conference proceedings and other sources.

3. A consultant will be engaged to undertake the detailed survey, which will be carried out by e-mail, mail, phone etc., and a limited number of one on one visits to the various States, Territories and Commonwealth. Steering committee members will be updated on progress and consulted on a monthly basis.

4. On the basis of the information compiled through the survey, two reports will be prepared for publication, one with a title such as 'Agricultural Climate Research, Development and Services in Australia', and the other on 'Current and recent Drought Research in Australia.

Progress: project almost completed

Period: starting date 1998-07; completion date 1999-02

Status: ongoing

Keywords: agroclimatic database; drought; ARRIP


White, D.H., Tupper, G and Mavi, H. (1999). Agricultural climate research and services in Australia, published online at

White, D.H., Tupper, G and Mavi, H. (1999). Climate variability and drought research in relation to Australian agriculture, published online at


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