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Soil Water and Water Use Efficiency

Variable soil water accumulation under fallow management: Explanation using a pulse paradigm
Kirsten Verburg1, Warren J. Bond2, James R. Hunt3

Improving winter crop productivity through increased capture and storage of summer fallow rain
Claire Browne1, James Hunt2, Simon Craig1, Anthony Whitbread3 and Damian Mowat3

What influence does summer rainfall and stubble retention have on wheat production in Southern farming systems?
Chris Lawson1, Victor Sadras1, Peter Hooper2 and Glenn McDonald3

How much is enough: the steep final steps to extensive no-tillage cropping in Australia
Rick S. Llewellyn1, Francis H. D’Emden2

The effect of initial soil water on grain crop yield and yield variability in north-eastern Australian dryland cropping systems
Richard Routley1, Jeremy Whish2, Howard Cox1, Stuart Pilcher3 and Scott Geddes1

The effects of root angle on root growth and yield of wheat in the Australian cereal belt
Glenn McDonald

Benchmarking wheat water-use efficiency in Tasmania
Tina Botwright Acua1, Shaun Lisson2 and Geoff Dean3

Benchmarking farm water-use efficiency in eastern Australian dryland cropping systems
Richard Routley1, Victor Sadras2 and Alex Hoffman1

Benefits of increased soil exploration by wheat roots
JM Lilley and JA Kirkegaard

Production, water use and water-use-efficiency of short-term ley legumes in southern Queensland
Lindsay Bell1, John Lawrence1 and Brian Johnson2

Interactive effects of root diseases and drought on water use efficiency of wheat
Abdallah Aldahadha, Nigel W.M. Warwick and David Backhouse

A rapid method for estimating the plant available water capacity of Vertosols
Allan Peake1, Zvi Hochman2 and Neal Dalgliesh1

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