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Development & Herbicide Management

Field evaluation of sensitivity of wheat to high temperature stress near flowering and early grain set
ASM Hasim Talukder1, Gurjeet Gill1, Glenn McDonald1, Peter Hayman2 and Bronya Alexander2

Cold-tolerance screening for cotton cultivars using germination chill protocols
Charles A Tuck1, 4, Daniel KY Tan1,3, Michael P Bange1,2,3, Warwick N Stiller2

Evaluation of the frost tolerance of triticale varieties and other winter cereals at flowering
Sangay Tshewang1, Craig Birchall2 and Robin Jessop3

The strategic use of chlorsulfuron in the seed production of Medicago littoralis cv. AngelA
Jake Howie

Cereal cultivars show differential tolerance to in-crop herbicides in South Australia
C.J. Ramsey1, R.D. Wheeler1 and B.J. Gogel2

Relative tolerance of Microlaena stipoides to glyphosate herbicide
Mike Dodd1, Bruce Burns2, Alec McGowan3, Michael Trolove3, Trevor James3 and Dongwen Luo1

Cold tolerance of rice cultivars at the booting stage can be improved by high water temperature during vegetative growth
Hiroyuki Shimono1, Ayako Ishii1, Eiji Kanda2, Mitsuru Suto3 and Kuniaki Nagano4

Is there a value in having a frost forecast for wheat in the South-West of Western Australia ?
Imma Farre1, Ian Foster1, Ben Biddulph2 and Senthold Asseng3

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