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Emerging Opportunities

Assessing the availability of crop stubble as a potential biofuel resource
Michael Dunlop1, Perry Poulton2, Murray Unkovich3, Jeff Baldock4, Alexander Herr1, Michael Poole5 and Deborah O’Connell1

An economic analysis of perennial cereal crops in Australia
Lindsay Bell1,2,3, Felicity Byrne1, Mike Ewing1 and Len Wade1,2,4

Estimating adaptive capacity in Australian farming environments
JJ Walcott1 and EC Wolfe2

Using the farm-scale system model APSFarm to improve profitability of irrigation cropping enterprises.
Brendan Power*, Peter DeVoil, Jose Payero, Daniel Rodriguez and Graham Harris

Diffusive Gradients in Thin-films (DGT) as a technique for accurately predicting Phosphorus fertiliser requirements
Sean Mason and Ann McNeill

How effective are fluid phosphorus fertilisers in the Wimmera and Mallee region of Victoria?
Roger Armstrong 1,5, James Nuttall1, Bob Holloway2, Enzo Lombi3 and Mike McLaughlin4

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