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Participatory research: adopting agronomy

Field performance of new wheat varieties in large-scale trials on the south coast of Western Australia
Mohammad Amjad1, Ben Curtis2 and W.K. Anderson3

Value adding to the Agribusiness Trial Network in Western Australia
Paul Carmody

Delivering soil water information to growers and consultants
Neal Dalgliesh1, Graeme Wockner2 and Allan Peake1

Local Delivery for Statewide Impact: Lessons from a Grower Group Alliance
Tracey M Gianatti

Modern maize varieties are more weevil susceptible than local populations when stored in local manner in East Timor.
Acacio Guterres1 and Robert L. Williams2

From adaptation to adoption – a case study of burgundy bean
Cristine Hall

Integrated crop management of chickpea in environments of Bangladesh prone to Botrytis Grey Mould
C Johansen1, 8, MA Bakr2, M Sirajul Islam3, MA Mondal4, A Afzal5, W.J. MacLeod6, 8, S Pande7 and Kadambot H.M. Siddique8

Participation - for improved adoption, research, or both: two case studies
David Lawrence1, P Dey2, D Karmakar3, and PS Cornish4

Agronomic performance and adoption of liquid fertilisers in Western Australia
Stephen Loss and Matthew Appelbee

How a participatory research approach has improved the viability of lupin crops in Western Australia.
Jeff Russell1, Angie Roe 2 and Geoff Fosbery2

Participatory evaluation by farmers of on-farm seed priming in Wheat in Assam, India
T.P.Saikia1, B. Barman1 and G. Ortiz Ferrara2

Conservatism, complexity and consequences
Chris Sounness1, Danielle Park1, John Williams2, De-Anne Price1

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