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Crop production

Yield potential of semidwarf wheat and the effect of lodging
M. Stapper and R.A. Fischer

Stem and ear growth in wheat and its effect on grain yield
K.H.M. Siddque1, E.J.M. Kirby2, M.W. Perry1 and W.R. Stern2

Effect of sowing date upon yield. growth and development of weak- and strongly vernalizing wheat cultivars.
S. Theiveyanathan1, D.J. Connor 2, D.E. Angus 1 and G.M. Rimmington1,2

Variation among spring wheats in winter feed production : an apparent association between growth and floral development
J.L. Davidson, P.M. Bremner and K.R. Christian

Lime application increases the risk of take fall
J.E. Pratley1 and G.M. Murray2

The effect of water stress on yield and dry matter production of rapeseed
R.J. Cawood and P.A. Salisbury

Variability in the duration of flowering in the faba bean
F.L. Stoddard

Normal and reduced branching lupins have similar residual value
John Hamblin and Rob Delane

The effect of various planting dates on development and yield of two cultivars of chickpea
C.J. Birch1 and A.J.M. Street2

Vegetative and reproductive characteristics of five genotypes of mungbeans grown under two water regimes
C.J. Birch and A.A. Easton

Progress with faba beans in south-east South Australia
W.A. Hawthorne

Grain legumes for low rainfall areas
David Georg

Narbon bean - a grain legume with potential
David Georg

Effects of plant density on pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) millsp.) in sub-humid environments
R.J. Troedson, J.S. Meekin, E.S. Wallis and D.E. Byth

Adaptation of short-season pigeonpea in multilocation yield trials
J.S. Meekin, D.E. Byth, R.J. Troedson and E.S. Wallis

Productivity of conventional and new pea phenotypes in Victoria
R.J. Cawood

Plant population on the dynamics of rooting in sunflower
V.O Sadras* and A.J. Hall

A comparison of dryland maize, grain sorghum and sunflower in the central highlands of Queensland
G.B. Spackman1 and J.W. Foreman2

Adapting Brassica juncea to Southern Australia
R.N. Oram

Long season barley varieties for high rainfall areas
T.D. Potter, R.D. Wheeler, J.P. Rowe and J. Voigt

Self defence chemicals of barley
J.V. Lovett and De Li Liu.

Managing high yield potential barley crops
J.A. Thompson1, G.D. Batten1, D.P. Heenan1 and B.J. Read2

The use of early maturity to increase barley yields on light soils in low rainfall areas
Rob Delane and John Hamblin

Growth and water use of normal and reduced branching lupins
Rob Delane, John Hamblin and Alice Bishop

Stem reserves and the response of barley to elevated post-anthesis temperature
P.S. Cornish and P. Lockley

Barley as a dual-purpose crop in Tasmania
Moayad S. Abdul-Rahman, N.J. Mendham and J.J. Yates

The effect of metolachlor herbicide on toadrush and ten pasture species during establishment
P.T. Kenny1, R.D. Hill2 and K.P.H. Reed1

Control of spiny burrgrass by consol lovegrass
W.H. Johnston

Increasing the proportion of clover in temperate, high rainfall pastures using herbicides
G.N. O'Brien

Chemical fallowing in the Victorian Wimmera
R. L. Amor

Tolerance of a range of crop species to seed coating with Monocalcium phosphate
J.S. Ascher, J.M. Scott and R.S. Jessop

An instrumented boll buggy for cotton trials
P.R. Walsh and W.D. Hamilton

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