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Winter Crops

The development of chickpeas as a viable grain legume crop for the Victorian Wimmera
D. L. Pye

Survey observations on lupin seed quality
W.A. Hawthorne

The effect of seeding time and density on lupin growth and yield
K.A. Boundy, T.G. Reeves, and H.D. Brooke

Grain legume research at Lincoln College
C.D. Hill, J.G.H. White, R.J. Lucas and S.D. Newton

The yield potential of new oilseed rape cultivars in Tasmania
N.J. Mendhama and J. Russellb

Yield compensation in safflower following hand pruning to simulate frost damage
K.J. Jackson and J.E. Berthelsen

A self propelled windrower for trial plots
B.J. Benham, C.A. Bluett and M. Hutchings

Differential varietal tolerance of wheat cultivars to herbicides
D. Lemerle, J. Fisher and R.B. Hinkley

Lodging in barley - can plant growth regulators prevent it?
B.J. Read

The influence of spatial arrangement on wheat yield
B.A. Auld, D.R. Kemp and R.W. Medd

Responses of wheat varieties to vernalization and daylength
J.L. Davidson, D.B. Jones, K.R. Christian and P.M. Bremner

Kernel number in wheat: effect of light
R.A. Fischer and Y.M. Stockman

Yield, harvest index, grain nitrogen and phosphorus
G.D. Batten*, M.A. Khan and B.R. Cullis

Effect of varying densities of great brome (bromus diandrus roth.) on the growth and development of wheat (triticum aestivum l.) and great brome
G.S. Gilla, W.M. Blacklowa and M.L. Pooleb

Suppression of lolium rigidum in wheat by cultural means
R.W. Medd, B.A. Auld and D.R. Kemp

Measuring severities of foliar diseases in wheat crops
A.H. Mayfielda and T.W. Hancockb

Yield losses in wheat associated with different levels of resistance to speckled leaf blotch (mycosphaerella graminicola)
Gordon M. Murray

Realization of the potential of triticale
C. H. Castleman

Aluminium tolerance in triticales
C.E. May and B.J. Scott

The effect of stubble residues on the germination and early growth of wheat
R.S. Jessop and J.V. Lovett

Stubble retention and nitrogen supply on dryland wheat yield
K.V.M. Parameswaran

Cereal vs. non-cereal crops on the southern tablelands of N.S.W.
P.R. Dann

The effect of erosion on grain yield at Wagga Wagga
J.M. Aveyard

Yield limitations of irrigated wheat in the lower Namoi Valley
C.K. McDonalda, B.G. Suttona and F.W. Ellisonb

The effects of seeding rate and nitrogen fertilizer on the growth and production of wheat
B. Baldwin and D. Hodgkins

High input wheat trials at Muresk, W.A. 1980-81
A.C. Andrews and I.R. McPharlin

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