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Agricultural Systems

Botanal - a versatile field and computing package for assessing yield and botanical composition in grazing experiments
J.C. Tothill and R.M. Jones

New medic pasture systems to increase production in pasture/cereal rotations in the Victorian mallee
C. M. J. Williams and N. A. Valiance

Supplementing native pastures with leucaliva llucoclpiala cv. Peru (leucaena) in an extensive beef cattle production system
D.C. Cooksley and C.J. Paton

Conservation grazing management in the sub-humid region of central Queensland
E.J. Turner, P.N. Truong, A.R. Leverington

Liveweight gain of lambs on lucerne, other legumes and perennial grass-sub clover pasture over summer
P.T. Kenny and K.F.M. Reed

Balancing pasture feed supply with animal demands during pasture development and in time of drought

Changes in agricultural systems of southern Australia
R.G. Fawcett

Changing agricultural systems and insect pests in South Australia
P.G. Allen

Dryland cropping in the western division of New South Wales
R.W. Condon and B.M. Alchin

The control of take-all in the Victorian Mallee
J. B. Griffiths and D. N. Walsgott

Improved soil management in NE Victoria
T.G. Reeves, A. Ellington, D.R. Coventry, J.R. Hirth and G.R. Steed

Evidence for disease control as a factor in improved wheat yield in a lupin-wheat rotation
K.J. Moore, D.F. Herridge, G. Starr and A.D. Doyle

The effects of land and fertilizer management techniques on rice productivity under intensive rotations
P.E. Bacon

Chemical control of silverleaf nightshade using a ropewick applicator
D. Lemerle

Development of controlled release formulations for agricultural use in Australia
D.R. McGuffog

Evaluation of weed control strategies -a simulation study of nassella trichotoma, serrated tussock
B.A. Aulda, D.T. Vereb and B.G. Cootec

The effects of soil compaction on the growth of wheat and subterranean clover
P.J. Haines and T.G. Reeves

Conservation management of pineapple lands in southeast Queensland
M.A. Capelina and P.N. Truongb

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