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Surface management of arable soils

A conservation cropping system for the South Burnett
R.J. Bateman

Tillage components of conservation cropping in the South Burnett
R.J. Bateman and R.W. Rowlings

Chemical weed control under stubble mulching
R.J. Batemanand and S.R. Walker

Edaphic properties of fly ash from Australian power stations
D.J. Campbell1, L.C. Bell2 and J.P. Evenson2

Effect of different tillage systems on wheat production
E. Davaud1 and G. Wickham2

Effect of wheat stubble management during fallow
A. D. Doyle and N. W. Forrester

No tillage wheat production in northern New South Wales
W.L. Felton, A.D. Doyle and J.F. Holland

Runoff and soil loss from contour bays as affected by surface conditions
D.M. Freebairn1 and G.H. Wockner2

Effect of surface cover on infiltration into a self-mulching soil
S.F. Glanville

The use of polyvinyl alcohol to improve emergence of vegetable crops grown on fine textured Goulburn Valley soils
C. Hunter, I. Wilson and R. Greene

The implication of high flotation applicators in Australian agriculture
G.W. Ketelaar

The effect of stubble level on runoff and soil loss under simulated rainfall
R.J. Loch1 and T.E. Donnollan2

Soil management in the Lockyer Valley
G.W. Lubach

Short-term benefits of zero-tillage in tropical grain production
R.L. McCown1, R.K. Jones2 and D.C.I. Peake3

No-tillage for conservation or arable soils in the northern wheat belt of Australia
D. Marston

Comparison of effects of direct drilling and ploughing on cereal production in the United Kingdom
A.J. Rixon

Structural amelioration as a factor in the management of heavy textured soils
H.B. So and D.C. Mckenzie

Stubble retention study in grain sorghum in Central Queensland
G.A. Thomas, A.A. Webb and Suzanne Berthelsen

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