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Stream 1: Approaches, methods and tools

The development of extension in Lao PDR
Author: Tienne Vannasou

Outback Connect: Bridging the digital divide
Author: Wendy Golder1 , Jenny Cleary 2 and Ann Johnston3

Working with farmers to develop practical weed management techniques for direct-seeded rice in the Philippines
Author: Sally Marsh1, Madonna Casimero2, Rick Llewellyn1, and Jesusa Beltran2

Risk management tools for dryland farmers in southwest Queensland: an action research approach
Author: Nam Nguyen1,2, Malcolm Wegener1, Iean Russell1

Measuring community capacity: an electronic audit template
Author: Greg Cock1, Lib Hylton Keele1, Brian Cheers2, Mellissa Kruger2 and Hilton Trigg3

Benchmarking sugarcane harvesting performance to improve profitability and efficiency: The importance of social research to improve the probability of project relevance and success
Author: Lisa McDonald1, Jeff Coutts2 and Dale Chapple3

Farmer driven innovation – the backbone of the SGSL Producer Network
Author: Justin Hardy1, John Paul Collins2, Arjen Ryder1 and Jessica Johns2

Scenario planning for irrigation futures of the Goulburn Broken Region
Author: QJ Wang1, Leon Soste1, David Robertson1, Selina Handley2 and Robert Chaffe2

Barriers and benefits to saltland pasture production: extension research in agriculture
Author: Anne Jones

The productivity, environmental and social benefits of increasing producer participation in extension
Author: Jason Trompf and Peter Sale

Northern rivers Soil Health Card: A monitoring tool for farmers developed by farmers
Author: Abigail Jenkins

Making soils sexy: soils extension on the NSW north coast
Author: Rebecca Lines-Kelly and Abigail Jenkins

Deliberation forums: a pathway for public participation
Author: Zelma Bone1, Judith Crockett1 and Sandra Hodge2

Quality assurance training for egg producers
Author: Andrew Almond

Show me the tool and I will give you the advisor?
Author: Mark Paine1, David Shambrook2, Rob O’Connor2, Ashleigh Michael2, Cecilia Mezenberg2, Nadine Markham2, Kaye Hildebrand2, Geoff Drysdale2, Anne Crawford1 and Joy Coulson2

Extension under a political insurgency: Gaining approval of Maoist rebels in Nepal
Author: Rajendra Uprety

Connecting and Building Community Capital: Linking Bushfire Recovery and Prevention Programs in Regional South Australia
Author: John Gawen and Fiona Dunstan

Transforming technology transfer for the South African sugarcane farmers: the first case study – the 2005 Eldana outreach
Author: Kathy Hurly and Grant Buchanan

Monitor farms as a tool for practice change – the 8x5 Wool Profit Program experience
Author: Sarah Campbell1, David Counsell2, Doug Friend3, Robin Thompson4, Sarah Ackland5 and Steve Barrington5

A preliminary investigation of the Ecological Footprint of Melbourne Museum
Author: Najah Onn1 , Liza Dale-Hallett2, Tim Grant3 and Maazuza Othman4

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