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Refereed contributed papers

Developing effecting learning programs: What extension can learn from the fields of adult education and learning communities
Author: Sue Kilpatrick1, and Amabel Fulton2

Coordinating Action Research and Extension Practice with NSW Dairy Farmers
Author: Jess Jennings

The inter-relationship between Capacity Building and Institutional Arrangements, and the implications for Extension and Adult Education
Author: Bob Macadam, John Drinan, Neil Inall and Bruce McKenzie

Information and library services for extension officers in NSW Agriculture: developments to meet their needs
Author: Sally Anderson 1

New experiences in working with horticultural farmers to improve NRM practices in Queensland
Author: Susanne Heisswolf1, Stewart Lindsay2, John Bagshaw3 and Noel Vock4

Shrinking Extension to Fit a Growing Small Farm Sector
Author: Hollier, C., Francis, J. and Reid, M.

How do you know you’re having an impact? Evaluation of the Grapecheque program.
Author: Vanessa Hood1, Paul Blackshaw2, Rosie Hannah3, Megan Hill4, Sally Dickinson 4,5, Angie Grills4 and John Whiting4

Personality and innovation in agriculture
Author: Geoff Kaine1, Jean Sandall2 and Denise Bewsell3

Effective farmer groups for defining best practices for sustainable agriculture
Author: Sue Kilpatrick1, Liz Bond2, Rowena Bell1, Jacqui Knee2 and Greg Pinkard2

Reshaping rural extension: New players – new roles
Author: Judy Lambert and Jane Elix

Negotiation – The Hallmark of NRM Extension
Author: Greg Leach

Enabling Effective Participation, Negotiation, Conflict Resolution and Advocacy in Participatory Research: Tools and approaches for Extension Professionals
Author: Greg Leach and Jessica Wallwork

Farmers’ perceptions about irrigation scheduling in the Hawkesbury-Nepean catchment
Author: B. Maheshwari1, M. Plunkett2 and P. Singh1

Rural Water Use, A Systems Approach to Three Years of Challenges with Triumphs, a Queensland Dairy Perspective.
Author: Malcolm Martin1, Ross Warren2, Greg Stanley3

Extension - finding solutions or co-creating pathways for change
Author: Amanda May1, Heather Shaw2, Yvonne Orlando1 and Lucia Boxelaar 3

One extension approach does not fit all - what can help decide which to use?
Author: Helen Murdoch1, Chris Linehan1, Lucy Finger1 and Allison Long2

Groups or one to one? Rethinking extension delivery – learning’s from the dairy industry
Author: Ruth Nettle1, Jane Weatherley2, Mark Paine1

Discourses of sustainability: a foucauldian approach
Author: Dr Len Palmer

Dairy Farmers’ Evaluation of Biodiversity Practices in South West Victoria
Author: Terry Parminter, and Tim Nelson

Appreciating the influence of our own and others’ world views upon extension strategies
Author: Terry Parminter, Neels Botha, and Bruce Small

From engaging the public - to supporting citizens in collaborative partnerships. Insights for extension from community forestry.
Author: R. John Petheram1, Peter Stephen1, Fleur Maidment2

Linking Geographical Information Systems and Social Research: Investigating the Small Farm Sector
Author: Michael Reid 1, Carole Hollier1, Julie Francis1 and Brian Furze2

Online opportunities: the case for re-configuring extension in a web environment
Author: Darren Schmidt1, Peter Holden2 and Tonia Grundy3

Challenges after the research is “ready”
Author: Sergio Rustichelli Teixeira1 Tom Cowan2, Helen Ross3.

Information sources and dispersal channels in the extension of pasture weed management technologies in south- eastern Kenya rangelands
Author: Joseph W. Munyasi 1, David Lloyd2, Nichols J. Doland3

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