Table Of Contents

Abstracts of invited papers

Title: Minister for Primary Industries, Water and Environment
Author: Bryan Green

Title: Tasmania Together: New democracy at work
Author: David Morris

Title: Engaging Communities: a report from the National Museum of Australia
Author: Louise Douglas and Ruth Lane

Title: Health promotion – a fresh perspective is needed
Author: Ian Blue

Title: Developing effecting learning activities: What extension can learn from the fields of adult education and learning communities
Author: Sue Kilpatrick (1) and Amabel Fulton (2)

Title: Coordinating Action Research and Extension Practice with NSW Dairy Farmers
Author: Jess Jennings

Title: APEN Award Winner: Fiona Johnson
Author: Fiona Johnson

Title: Best Practice Extension: mediating learning relationships
Author: Mark Paine and Ruth Nettle

Title: Models and Extension Best Practice
Author: Jeff Coutts and Kate Roberts

Title: Extension and capacity building are not necessarily the same.
Author: Bob Macadam, John Drinan, Neil Inall and Bruce Mckenzie.