Table Of Contents

Refereed Papers

Participation by women and children in livestock production in Bukidnon province, Southern Philippines
D.L. Bayola and J.D. Intong

Concept of “community” for improved market chain development: An alternative approach
Les Brown1, Margaret Cruickshank2, Christine King2 and Bruce McGrath2

Healthy and productive collaboration
Merrin J Brown

Applications for extension from research into farmer decision making on new cropping lands in East Lombok, Indonesia
Taslim Sjah1, Donald Cameron1, Keith Woodford2

Integrated resource use planning in the Australian sugar industry: a participatory planning approach
Duncan Chalmers, Vickie Webb , and Daniel Walker

Learner-developed scenarios to enhance and evaluate a learning experience
Veronica Chapman1, Neil Cliffe2 and Howard Cox3

A bright future for beef : futuring scenarios in the real world
Richard F Fell and Tom R Stockwell

Charting the Unknowns in the Northern Territory: keeping the crocs at bay
Richard F Fell

Feeling my way around: facilitatin’ the NT
Richard F Fell

Getting it right every time? A framework for extension process design
Derek Foster

Delivery styles meet Futureprofit customer needs
Karen George

Institutionalising New Extension: a strategic framework for doing Natural Resource Management business
Melva Hobson, Greg Leach , Bill Wilkinson, Saleena Ham, Leanne Parkes, Nicola Wright, Craig Whiteford, Gordon Brown, Paul Harris

Viticulturists learning by doing, not only by listening: participatory on farm trials for sustainable viticulture
Vanessa Hood and David Shearer

Challenging current information management: a case study
Scott Irvine

Using a change framework to design a change program: adoption of water use efficiency improvements in the dairy industry
Fiona Johnson, and Chris Linehan

Gender and Rural Community Development II: The need for gender analysis in projects and organisations
Dr Chrissy King

Implementing extension in natural resource management: NR&M the Agency, NRM the business
Greg Leach

Building rural capacity: a case study of WA mallee farming groups
Jeremy Lemon

Extension practice in creating a sustainable agriculture
Dan McLuskey

Accredited training in agriculture: a refreshed approach to extension or just more exams?
Tim Neale1, Shaun Nolan1, Mike Lucy2

Evaluation of the change in Knowledge, Attitude, Skills, Aspiration & Practice (KASAP) with regard to soil acidity and its management by farmers in Western Australia
Sally-Anne Penny1, Amanda Miller2

From pastoralists to futuralists: linking disciplines, communities and policies to facilitate NRM and community development in the Australian rangelands
Kaz Price

The uniqueness of a family farm business: the relationship between family resilience in business and success
John Reeve

Information and COmmunication Network (ICON): professional communicators enriching the role of information in extension
Darren Schmidt

Involving all industry sectors in identifying industry needs
Alison Spencer

The need for environmental extension education in facilitating sustainability of pig and poultry industries in Santa Catarina State, Brazil
Airton Spies1, Carlise I.S. Spies2, Shankariah Chamala1, Malcolm Wegener1 and Robert Beeton3

Contemporary farm forestry extension or farm forestry temporarily extended?
Peter Stephen and Rowan Reid

Better Practices Process for pig waste utilization in Western Leyte, Philippines
Agnes M. Taverosa , Elmer Abillarb, Richard Clarkc, Janice Timmsd and Simon J. Moree

Capacity building with farmers in Western Leyte, Philippines through continuous improvement and innovation of education and training
Alberto A. Taverosa , Elenita Espinosaa, Eleah Piamontea Salvador Dagoya, Dolores Alcobera, Richard Clarkb Janice Timmsc and Simon J. Mored

Implementing ‘Local Better Practices” Technique to enhance the pig and chicken production system in Baybay, Leyte
Alberto A. Taveros a Elenita A. Espinosaa Richard Clark Janiceb Timmsb Simon More c

Participatory processes change farming practices to meet market requirements
Peter Tonello1, Joe.Visini1, Claudio Defaveri1, Brett Weeden2 and Trevor McAndrew3.

Reflections on the development of Landcare in the Philippines: old hat or new beginnings?
John Muir1, Christine Rinehart 2, and Noel Vock 3.

A vegetation management extension framework for Queensland
Dr Jude Westrup

Facilitating improved chemical use: the phosphine awareness program
Graham White1, Peter Botta2, Philip Burrill3, John Cameron4, Julianne Farrell5, Peter Fulwood6 and Chris Newman7

Action Learning Sets: Are they a successful vehicle for improving staff skills?
Shannon Williams

How to win growers and influence change
Geoff Kaine1, Denise Bewsell1, Anne-Maree Boland2 and Chris Linehan3

Gender and rural community development III: tools and frameworks for gender analysis
Christine King

Gender and rural community development I: an analysis of policy approaches to development
Dr Chrissy King

The neighbourhood catchment approach to achieving regional change
Glen Millar1, Sarah Lewis2 and Chris Carroll3

Australian dairy research farmlets making the transition into farming systems research and extension: the challenges for extension
Jane Weatherley1 , Amabel Fulton1, Mark Paine2, Scott Champion1 and Anne Crawford3