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Breeding and Genetics

The use of functional genomics to advance allelopathic science - investigating sorgoleone biosynthesis as an example
Author: Scott R. Baerson, Daniel Cook, Franck E. Dayan, Agnes M. Rimando, Zhiqiang Pan and Stephen O. Duke

Advancing our understanding of allelopathy through metabolomics
Author: George Rinu, Luis A.J. Mur and Dylan Gwynn Jones

Molecular approaches in improving wheat allelopathy
Author: Hanwen Wu1

Varietal variation in allelopathic activity in wheat and barley and possibilities to use this in breeding
Author: Nils-Ove Bertholdsson

Elucidating biosynthesis of the rice allelochemical/phytoalexin momilactone B
Author: Meimei Xu1, Sladjana Prisic1, P. Ross Wilderman1, Yinghua Jin2, Robert M. Coates2 and Reuben J. Peters1

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