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Utilising Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Predicting Malting Quality in Whole Grain Barley and Whole Grain Malt
Author: Cassandra Black and Joseph Panozzo

WI 3107 – A New Hulless Barley developed for southern Australia
Author: Amanda Box and Andrew Barr

New Cereal Doubled Haploid Facilities in Western Australia and the status of the Barley Doubled Haploid Program
Author: Sue Broughton and Reg Lance

Mapping genes for resistiance to net form of net blotch and stripe rust in barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Author: Mehmet Cakir1, Nick Galwey1, David Poulsen2, Greg Platz2, Paul Johnston2, Garry Ablett3, Colin Wellings4 and Hugo Vivar5

Characterisation and deployment of scald (Rhynchosporium secalis) resistance in barley
Author: Philip A Davies, Lindy Scott, Kevin J Williams and Hugh Wallwork

Cell wall biosynthesis in barley suspension cultures and coleoptiles
Author: Fenny Dwivany1, Rachel Burton2, David Gibeaut2, Anne Medhurst1, Elinor Kamachu1, Geoffrey B. Fincher2, Ed Newbigin1, Tony Bacic1

The influence of malt quality on the colloidal stability of beer
Author: Louise Robinson1, Marian Sheehan2, Mont Stuart3, Andrew Barr1, Chris Ford1 and Evan Evans1

Functional genomics in the growth and end-use quality of cereals.
Author: Geoffrey B. Fincher1, Peter Langridge1, Antony Bacic2 and Ed Newbigin2

Studies of Barley Cell Wall Synthesis in Coleoptiles and Protoplasts using a Proteomics Approach.
Author: B. Evans1, K. Ferguson1, D. Chen1, E. Kamachu1, G. Currie1, E. Newbigin1, J. Lahnstein2, D. Gibeaut2, G. Fincher2, A. Bacic1

Further development of the SWIFT filterability test
Author: Chris Ford1, Martin Barski1, Sue Logue1, Doug Stewart2 and Evan Evans1

Fermentable sugar profile as an alternative to Apparent Attenuation Limit for selection in Barley Breeding
Author: R.L.Fox, S.J.Logue and J.K.Eglinton

The Friabilimeter as a tool in assessing malt quality in a breeding program
Author: Glen Fox, Karyn Onley, Ros Ferguson, Andrew Skerman and Andy Inkerman

Barley Grain Colour – Objective Measurement and Biochemical Studies
Author: Glen Fox1, Maria Sulman1, Kevin Young2 and Andy Inkerman1

Grain and Malt Quality Evaluation from a Structured Environmental Trial
Author: Glen Fox1, Karyn Onley-Watson1, Ros. Ferguson1, Andrew Skerman1, David Poulsen2, Andy1 Inkerman1 and Paul Johnston2

Standardisation of a method to measure barley grain colour
Author: Glen P Fox Maria Sulman and Andy Inkerman

Progress in marking scald resistance genes derived from wild barley
Author: Ruth K. Genger, Anthony H.D. Brown and Jeremy J. Burdon

Modification of an IEC Mash Bath to Optimize the Recovery of Brewers Extract
Author: Tamara Hadaway,1 Evan Evans,1 Bernard Hodson,2 Chris Ford1 and Sue Logue1

Routine Analysis of the Varietal Identity and Purity of Barley Using DNA based Approaches
Author: Robert J Henry1, Effie Ablett1, Timothy A Holton1, Gary Ablett1, Michelle Ford1 and Peter Portmann2

Early embryo and endosperm genes of barley
Author: Sergiy Lopato1, Andrew Milligan1, Geoff Fincher1, Peter Langridge1, Bruce Stone2, Tony Bacic3, Ed Newbigin3 and Ingrid Boenig3

PCR Markers for Selection of the Bmy1 Locus that encodes Beta-amylase in Barley Grain
Author: Cheng-Dao Li1,2, Xiao-Qi Zhang1, Peter E. Eckstein1, Donna Hay1, Brian G. Rossnagel1, Eric B. Lefol1, Bryan.L. Harvey1, Reg C.M. Lance2 and Graham J. Scoles1

Influence of BVP on grain size and yield in southern Australia.
Author: David Moody1, Ray Flood1 and Neil Fettell2

Improving Barley Transformation Efficiency
Author: Fiona Murray, Danial Bishop, Peter Mathews and Jake Jacobsen

Cloning and characterisation of cytochrome P450 genes from barley (Hordeum vulgare)
Author: Linh Nguyen1,2, Angela Delves2, Peter Bundock1,2, Timothy A. Holton1,2

What causes low barley protein modification and low wort free amino nitrogen – proteins or proteinases?
Author: Abdalla Osman 1, S.M. Coverdale1, R. Ferguson1, K. Watson1, G. Fox1, S. E. Hamilton2 and J. de Jersey2

Effect of Post-Emergent Applied Nitrogen on Grain Yield and its Components and Malting Quality of Malting Barley.
Author: Rod Kingston 1, Miroslav Prazak2, Tony Dale 3, Julie Miller2.

Development, Validation and Allele Diversity of Microsatellite Markers closely linked with the Alp Locus associated with Aluminium Tolerance in Barley
Author: H. Raman1, A. Karakousis2, S. Moroni1, R. Raman1, B. Read1

High Throughput DNA Isolation Method for Routine Marker Assisted Selection in Barley
Author: Ata-ur-Rehman, Rosy Raman, Barbara Read and Harsh Raman

A Simple and Effective Method for Handling Polyacrylamide (PAGE) Gels after Electrophoresis
Author: Ata-ur-Rehman and Greg Croft

WB236 and WB238, New malting varieties with potential.
Author: Barbara Read, Fay Helidoniotis, Alison Smith, Helen Taylor and Cathy Grentell.

Genetic variation for spring radiation frost tolerance in barley
Author: Jason Reinheimer, Andrew Barr, Sue Logue, Glenn McDonald, Colin Warner and Jason Eglinton

Pre-release characterisation of the malting profile of WI-3102
Author: S. Roumeliotis1, S.J.Logue1, C. Hunt2 and A.R.Barr1

Analysis of Transcripts from Barley Coleoptiles for Cell Wall Metabolism
Author: Neil Shirley1, Andrew Harvey1, David Gibeaut1, Geoff Fincher1,Peter Langridge1, Tony Bacic2 and Ed Newbigin2

Relationship between total peroxidase activity and susceptibility to black point in mature grain of some barley cultivars
Author: Maria Sulman1, Glen Fox1, Abdulla Osman1, Andy Inkerman1, Peter Williamson2, and Miriam Michalowitz2

An investigation of a rapid DNA extraction method for routine MAS in the S.A. Barley Improvement Program
Author: Patricia Warner1, Angelo Karakousis1, Andrea Schiemann2, Jason Eglinton1, Peter Langridge1 and Andrew Barr1

Effect of post-harvest storage period on barley germination and malt quality.
Author: Brad Woonton1, Jake Jacobsen2, Frank Sherkat1 and Mont Stuart3

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